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Quik Stitch Embroidery is a proud family owned and operated business serving the greater Lehigh Valley for over 20 years. Besides covering Pennsylvania we extend to over 15 states nationwide. Owner and president Joe DePue is accompanied by
his loyal wife, Philomena, who serves as the Vice President of
Quik Stitch Embroidery. They started their business in the garage
of their house before growing and moving the business to Wind Gap, PA nestled in the heart of the Slate Belt. Joe and Philomena have been in the sporting goods business (covering embroidery, screen printing, digitizing, clothing and apparel) for over 30 years.

At Quik Stitch Embroidery we strive to be competitive with our pricing. Our products are inspected and controlled to be of the highest level of quality to ensure complete customer satisfaction. That is why we are very proud to express that our only form of advertising in this ever-growing competitive market is strictly
“word of mouth.” We have a variety of customers ranging from
high school and college students to corporate executives and government officials. Here at Quik Stitch Embroidery, our goal is
to go beyond expectations and guarantee satisfaction, which is
why we are still growing after thirty plus years in business.   

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