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Embroidery is a process of stitching a thread into a garment, which was traditionally done by hand. Through time and technology the process of embroidery has now evolved into large, computerized industrial machines. Each machine consist of a stitching station which is also known as a “head.” Each head embroiders a single item at a time. All of Quik Stitch Embroidery’s machines, which include Barudan, Tajima, and Melco, have a minimum of 4 heads per machine.  We currently own 6 modern embroidery machines that operate at a minimum of forty hours per week.

Contrary to screen printing, embroidery does not limit the customer in the amount of colors, placement of logos, or minimum pieces. When getting items embroidery there is no difference in cost between and one-color logo or a multi-color logo, allowing for a maximum of 12 colors per logo. When deciding the placement of a logo the customer has multiple options without a price increase. The common placements of logos are usually, but are not limited to, over the heart (also referred to as left chest), sleeves, hats, pant legs, full chest or full back. A major benefit of embroidery is there are no minimum amounts needed per order, with the exception of hats, which should have a four piece minimum per order.

Customers should also be advised that when creating new logos to be embroidered, the artwork must be digitized first before the actually embroidery takes place. Digitizing is a method of making a computerized disc that is formatted for embroidery machines. New artwork should be provided in certain formats such as jpeg, eps, or pdf. For more information and further details please see the digitizing tab available on our website.

Embroidery has a specialized, clean look, which makes it attractive to all of our customers. Embroidered jackets, polo’s, hats, sweatshirts, etc. tend to look more professional and have become increasingly popular over the last ten years. There are endless ways to create the perfect logo for the perfect customer. If any further assistance is needed regarding embroidery please feel free to contact us anytime via email at or by phone at 610-863-9166.




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