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Digitizing is the process of taking your logo or image and converting it into a readable stitch format for the embroidery machines. This process requires special software and knowledge to achieve the acquired results. Through years of experience and practice, we can confidently say we have an elite expert in digitizing, with over ten years of experience and over five thousand plus designs. This translates into professional work at affordable prices. The ONE-TIME fee for digitizing is for converting your logo or image in to a stitching format ready for the embroidery process.

Once your logo is created, it is stored on file for future repeat orders or repeat customers which saves from having to pay for that logo to be digitized again (contrary from screen-printing). Even if you want to make some changes or adjustments to your image or logo, there is only a small "editing" charge to do so. Different sizes and locations may result in editing fees. Besides looking more professional to have your logo embroidered, it will also be the more cost effective method while still achieving the professional results you are looking for. More details and information about the digitizing process can be attained by contacting a Quik Stitch representative at 610-863-9166.




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