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Screen Printing (also known as silk screening) is the process of transferring images through the use of ink to clothing and apparel. When getting items screen-printed there are many factors that play a part in the overall cost. Unlike embroidery, where there are no minimum pieces or colors per order, screen-printing is solely based on the amount of colors, pieces and placements per order. For instance, the larger the order, the cheaper the “per piece” breakdown will be. Smaller orders usually result in a higher cost per item to screen print.

Quik Stitch Embroidery’s per piece breakdown is as follows:
24-47 (cheaper per piece than the above order)
48-143 (cheaper per piece than the above order)
144-287 (cheaper per piece than the above order)
288-575 (cheaper per piece than the above order)
576-863 (cheaper per piece than the above order)
864-1007(cheaper per piece than the above order)
*1008 and up (cheaper per piece than the above order)
*For large quantities please inquire for special pricing.

Another major factor in the cost for Screen-printing is the amount of colors being screened for each particular logo. Each color requires a special screen to be prepared for the printing process. Therefore, each color or screen incurs a set up cost. So the more colors inside the logo or image will result in a higher set up charge for the order. One of the last ingredients of the screen-printing process is location. Each location requires a custom screen for that exact size for that exact location. So in essence, multiple locations will have multiple screens resulting in multiple set-up charges to complete the order. Sizes can be as small as an inch to as large as a full back logo with a maximum width of about twelve inches across.

Artwork ready logos are a plus, but are not required as we have a staff of experts who can develop your logo or image to be prepared for the screen-printing process. If you would like any further information on getting screen-printed items, please call us at 610-863-9166.




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